Architect, Designer, Dreamer

It all started when I moved to London, UK, in 2014 with the ambition to start my journey of be-coming an architect. Doing my Bachelors in the University of Westminster and then finishing up my Masters Architecture in London South Bank University.
Graduating in 2020, I aim to design sustainable architecture. Sustainability is at the heart of everything I undertake and develop innovative strategies whose focus is the future of the environment.

I am highly experienced in developing projects from scratch to the very end.
Every project starts with fresh thinking, leading to a creative solution.
Dreaming to leave a mark on skylines in the process of reshaped architecture. I am creating architecture in the form of creative art.
During my study years, I learned and developed the use of technology for my designs, but I continued to hand draw my proposed buildings and make models of my designs. This is because, I don’t want to limit myself and my designs to what the computer can do.

I enjoy experimenting with scale and proportions, colours and different materials, lighting and shadows, observing and trying to create new worlds. Through my design style, I paint and sketch the conceptual designs for my projects.

“Dream Spaces” that form a mixed-reality world!

The ancient, the modern and the futuristic combine not only in design but in material, technique and expression to dissolve boundaries and enrich the senses in a way that’s inspirational and personifies the beauty that surrounds us.

Architecture should arise from the world, benefiting from the growing concern for our future, triggered by discussion of climate change. Life is about exploration and animation of space. The art of translating all the immaterial structures of society, like social, cultural, economical and political into physical structures. Life is always evolving, the world is always changing. In fact the only constant in life is change. Buildings should respond to the local environment and climate in a sort of conversation to make it habitable for human life, drawing, in particular, on the resources of the local climate which could provide a way of massively enriching the vocabulary of architecture.