ArmourUp – Body Extension

…every man needs a good suit in his life.

Even if you don’t need one for work, a good suit can act like body armour and make a man feel like he can take on the world. Confidence is often attached to feeling good in your own skin, but a well-cut second skin can often do the job too Charlie Casely-Hayford: Daily Telegraph 17 October 2013
Physically made architectural responses to the themes of the body, human security, and protection.
Personal space, when our limits to this are being compromised; such challenges create stress, anxiety, aggression. The sense of intrusion within personal borders varies between individuals, but we’re all clear when another actor steps across the line, metaphorical or physical. In extreme forms, intrusions into per-sonal space may legally be considered assault, or worse.

—> Kinetic drawing experience

Performance – extension of the body

Inspiring piece of art created through the connection of self, spirit and the body.