Armour the environment to provide a new sustainable and social resource enhancing the site.

The ecosystem is collapsing, the world, our home is in danger.
As a consequence of the well known problem of global warming, bees are disappearing. The extinction of bees will affect plants and animals. The availability of fuels topography, clothing and of course human life.

Development of geometries based on the shape of the bees, lead to create different layers of panels for wind and sun protection. Therefore, a fabric canopy is added and shades the tower.

The tower consists of a frame supporting the mesh polyester material, that helps to harvests water from the atmosphere via condensation.

Studying the nature of the site allowed me to come up with ideas and solutions to create a completely self sufficient construction. We must remember that in nature nothing is accidental. Every-thing has a reason and a purpose. Therefore, in this project I developed my idea for my pro-posed design to be placed on the site without affecting the environment or any of the existing wild life, having the initial aim to save the ecosystem and the environment.

Gold towers – The golden structures, are also a reminder to the people passing by to be kind to the world. We have to be thankful and respect the wild life for everything we have.