…The are darknesses in life and there are lights – and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights. ( Dracula by Bram Stoker, 1897: The ultimate novel preoccupied with light)

Light is fundamental to our existence.

Cosmic Regeneration

After research about the hierarchy of light I focused on the main source of natural light the sun and I was inspired by the stars. Ambitious to reach for the stars, I was fascinated by the move-ment of the ecosystem and the dancing between the planets and the Venus, I started experi-menting to recreate this movement and pattern. This experiments lead to various recordings and with the initial intentions to make a mechanism that records the Star Light.

The cosmos, is full beyond measure of elegant truths; of exquisite interrelationships.

Imagine a machine that could Capture – Store – Release of Sunlight
A machine for living – setting the scene for new architecture that would embrace the emerging of new technologies. Architecture without the need of artificial light.

A cluster of spheres that could create giant urban networks that are travelling over the earth by modulating the exposure of sunlight.
A sphere could be raised and lowered at our will and release the sunlight that it collected while travelling around.