“Dream Spaces” that form a mixed-reality world!

Light is fundamental to our existence. Inspired and influenced by how light effects our way of liv-ing and interacting in a space.
This project is focused on the theme of the power and necessity of the sunlight and the beauty of darkness.

Promoting the Dark-Sky Movement – a worldwide campaign to reduce light pollution. The movement’s goal is to decrease light pollution in order to preserve the natural night sky and celebrate the stars.
Aim to manipulate daylight, as a dynamic material, giving purpose and expression to architecture, maximising the impact of light on psychological health and wellness of users as the “source of life”. Life is about exploration and animation of space. Life is always evolving and the world is al-ways changing. In fact the only constant in life is change.

Time – Space – Existence – Change

Developing a mechanism that absorbs star and sunlight, proposing the vision for a Light Palace. A palace of people for people. The mechanism prototype, is about recreating and redefining the sky and create a new way of living and interacting with light. A mechanism that collects, stores and releases light. Londoners, need the light showers! A space where people are able to connect with each other and nature’s beauty, escape the blue light of the screen and feel the benefits that can be offered by the sunlight for the body and the mind.